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Policy On Record Keeping

‘Records’ typically refers to any notes I keep about my work with clients. These may include texts or emails. Records aid me in remembering from week to week what we discussed. I keep up to date records, in a concise manner. 


Records are important when there are significant periods of time between sessions to aid my memory. I keep and record the minimum of what is necessary and store information in a way that maximises my clients privacy and confidentiality.


How I secure your records

Client notes are anomised, encrypted and password protected on my computer for ease of access by me. My computer is password protected and I do not share this computer with anyone. When clients finish I remove their sessional notes of my computer and store them securely. I keep your contact details separate to session notes to maximise your privacy. I delete your contact details off my phone within 6 months of us finishing together.


In the event of my incapacitation or death 

In the event of my incapacitation or death I have a professional will detailing the destruction of all my records. 

Procedures in the event of damage to records (e.g. fire, systems breakdown etc.) 

Should anything happen my notes I will notify you.


My current insurance provider requires the retention of records for 10 years. 

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