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My Therapeutic Approach

Being an integrative psychotherapist means that I use a variety use a number of relationship-based, dialogical and experiential methods to facilitate clients integrate aspects of their mind, body and spirit which are causing them a lack of ease in their relationship with themselves, others or society at large. I work in collaboration with my clients, so they are active co-creators of the kind of changes they desire to make.

My interest in meditation and the body has resulted in me incorporating and blending mindfulness and body based practices into the way I work. This is not done in any sectarian way, but more from an understanding that our thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations are all connected and influence each other.  Sensorimotor psychotherapy uses bodily experiences as a gateway to awareness and improved emotional and psychological health. I have trained in level 1 and 2 sensorimotor psychotherapy and have been assisting in level 1 trainings since 2021. 

I share my knowledge with clients so they are co-participants in their therapy and can choose how they want to proceed, basing on understanding. Safety is of paramount importance to me and as a result of this I work to empower people to attend to building their resources both internally and externally in their lives, so that they can take charge of their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Through the blending of elements from different therapeutic approaches, according to each clients needs, I hope to support people develop greater self awareness and a sense of personal competence as they explore the meaning of their life and their experience. 

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